Connecting community with produce | Deborah Bogenhuber, Food Next Door

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It's the peacefulness and special beauty of The Murray region that ecologist Deborah Bogenhuber, co-founder of the Food Next Door Co-op, first fell in love with.

Having moved from the city to Mildura in 2008, Deborah is drawn to the rhythms of this regional community on the Murray. She's found a slower pace here, with relationships that are strong, tight-knit and diverse.

The Food Next Door Co-op sprouted from Deborah's involvement in Mildura's Slow Food Movement – a push to preserve traditional produce and processing methods, producing food in sustainable ways. It was clear 'there was a strong desire in the local community for better access to local produce'.

Deborah's passion for the environment, her training as an ecologist and her drive to care for the planet form a huge part of the inspiration behind Food Next Door Co-op and its success. Through her work, she's discovered her creative side and an ability to bring people together in the community. 'I'm a good connector.'

Makers like Deborah are ready to reignite your senses and feed your soul. With culinary delights, sparkling waters and crimson skies, the Murray is where the simple things in life take place.

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